What's an AI Snack?

Our AI automatically generates what it thinks are the most relevant highlights across your long-form content. Use them as a quick starting point.

πŸ‘‰ AI Snacks are visible in the Snacks view

Create your own Snack

If there are other excerpts you want to highlight, easily add or remove segments to update your current Snack or create your own from scratch. There's no limit to the number of Snacks you can create.

Steps to creating your own Snack:

  1. Click on Add to Snack above the segment

  2. Click on any other segments you wish to add to a new Snack

  3. Once you're done selecting segments, click on Add to Snack on the purple bar

  4. Choose Create new snack

  5. You're all done! 🀝

The new Snack will be titled as "New Snack 1". Click on the pencil icon to add a suitable title. To further fine-tune your Snack, use the Trim audio or Edit text tools.

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