You can find the file Export option in the top right in the Transcript and the Snacks view

Export your Transcript and Snack as .DOC, .VTT, .SRT, .MP3, embed it on or publish to YouTube

⭐ The DOC file is excellent for sharing the transcript, writing a blog post, or pulling relevant quotes to highlight interesting insights from an event or episode

.VTT and .SRT are captions files that you can upload to video hosting platforms to add subtitles to your videos, thereby keeping them accessible to everyone

⭐ The .MP3 files are great for sharing small snippets with your team or company in case creating an audiogram isn't necessary. You can also export your webinar as .MP3 and listen to it like a podcast!

To export your audiogram as .MP4, you need to save and process the audiogram first. Click Create Audiogram

NB! Processing your audiogram may take a few minutes

After the processing has completed, click Export Audiogram

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