Publish your video to Brightcove in a few easy steps directly from Snackable! We will add the transcript, AI generated chapter markers and tags for you πŸ™Œ

When choosing Export file, Export snack, or Export audiogram you will see an option in the dropdown menu to publish your video to Brightcove

To authenticate your Brightcove account in Snackable, you'll need your Brightcove Client ID, Client Secret, and Account ID

Here's how you'll get your Client ID and Client Secret:

  1. In your Brightcove account, go to Admin > API Authentication > Register New Application

  2. Next, enter your name and choose "Snackable AI" for authorization

  3. When you scroll further down, under Dynamic Ingest, choose Create and click Save

  4. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret from the modal

NB! Make sure you copy and store your client secret in a secure location. Brightcove cannot recover lost client secrets!

Your Brightcove Account ID can be found under Account Information

Preview of the video's metadata will be provided before publishing the video to Brightcove. You can edit the title and description in the preview. πŸ‘‰ Click Publish

NB! Depending on the length of the video, it may take a few minutes for the video to process and upload to Brightcove

You can access the recently published video in your Brightcove account under Home > Media

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