Help your audience find what they need quickly!

Snackable's AI automatically organizes your content into chapters so that you wouldn't have to lift a finger 🙌

Your content needs chapters but you don't have enough time to add them yourself? Snackable finds and adds chapter breaks to your content. All that's left to do is to export your video to YouTube or Brightcove in a click.

Snackable also adds chapter titles automatically so you can give all the relevant context without any manual work.

Why are chapters important?

In a sea of content, your audience needs to find what they’re looking for, and quickly. By automatically finding chapter breaks in your video, podcast or webinar and embedding them into YouTube or Brightcove, you’ve already gotten a head start.

Moreover, chapters and transcript expose your content to Google's powerful, high-profile Features Snippets format, therefore making you more visible to search engines!

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