It may happen that in rare cases, the chapter title does not match with its actual content 🤭

How is that expressed in the Transcript?

  1. Instead of actual chapter titles, on rare occasions, the title can simply show as Ad or Advertisement - this usually happens when the actual Ad was incorrectly detected by the AI, which is why a title wasn't generated

  2. Most chapter titles are awesome! But...sometimes they can also appear funny or broken. NB! Manually correcting any bizarre-looking chapter titles will train our AI to generate better quality chapter titles in the future!

  3. AI-generated chapter titles are quite sensitive to transcription errors that appear within the text, which is why the metadata gathered from your file or your RSS feed becomes essential for us to make the best guess for the most appropriate chapter title

If you have any further questions about chapter titles or would like to give us some feedback, feel free to write us in chat or send us an email! 🙂

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