What is it?

Snackable can integrate directly with your Zoom account. Use the following guide to import all of your Zoom recordings, directly into Snackable’s insights engine.

How do I install it?

  1. After logging into Snackable, navigate to the integrations page.

  2. From there, select the “Authenticate” button to initiate the Zoom Authentication workflow

    1. If you are currently logged into your Zoom account, you will be presented with the following screen to allow the Snackable application

    2. Otherwise, you will be directed to the Zoom login page, where you should proceed to log into your Zoom account and then continue

  3. Review the permissions that are being requested by Snackable and select “Authorize”

  4. Your Snackable and Zoom accounts are now connected! You may now upload any Zoom recordings and begin processing

How do I import files?

  1. From the Snackable home page, select the “Add Media” button in the upper right corner

  2. Select the “Upload from Zoom” tab in the popup modal

    1. If your account is not authorized you will be prompted to do so

  3. Use the date picker to select the time period of Zoom recordings that you would like to fetch

  4. Click the file(s) that you would like to import and then select the “Upload & Process” button to begin the file transfer

  5. Snackable will then fetch these files and those selected files will appear in a “Processing” status as we begin our workflow

    1. The processing workflow takes time to complete - for an hour-long recording, processing can take anywhere from 20-35 minutes

What is required?

If you do not currently have a Snackable account, you may create one from our sign-up page. You must connect your Zoom and Snackable accounts from inside the Snackable Portal in order to successfully authenticate between Snackable and Zoom. More information on the Zoom Marketplace app can be found on our app homepage.

What Zoom permissions does the integration require?

Zoom Recordings:

  1. Snackable requires read access to your recording library so that we can automatically download and begin processing these files

  2. Snackable uses metadata attached to your recordings (title and recording date) to better organize the content that you would like to upload

  3. Snackable will additionally download use a downloadable link to initiate processing (when approved by the user)

Zoom User Data:

  1. Snackable uses Zoom user information only to populate the integration modal to ensure we are fetching the appropriate recordings for the authorized user

  2. No other personal information is permanently stored with Snackable's data systems

How do I uninstall?

  1. Log in to your Snackable account

  2. Proceed to the integrations page

  3. Click the “Disconnect” button that appears next to the Zoom Integration

  4. Done. Your Zoom and Snackable accounts are no longer connected

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